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Here at JVR Air Conditioning Services, we take pride in providing our customers with the satisfaction of a trusted brand. Although we will repair and maintain all brands, we only install the best brands.

Our services are as follows:

  • Installations
  • Maintenance
  • Remodeling / New Construction
  • Repairs
  • Call and ask us about our Maintenance Agreements!


How Does Air Conditioning Work?
Most people think that air conditioners simply lower the temperature in their homes by pumping cool air in, but in reality, the process involves removing warm air from your house and cycling it back in as cooler air. In fact, think of your air conditioner as a refrigerator without the insulated box, since it uses the evaporation of a refrigerant to provide cooling.

Air Conditioning Options
Air conditioners aren't one size fits all, and an improperly-sized air conditioner can result in poor performance and high energy bills during the cooling season. At JVR Air Conditioning Services , we offer in-home assessments to determine why your current AC system may not be functioning the way it should. If a replacement system makes more sense than a repair, we'll be in the best position to recommend the right unit for your space and needs.

Consider The Savings
With a new higher efficiency unit you will save dramatically on your electricity bill. The chart below is based on a national average, in our climate the savings are even greater. Contact us today and have a Comfort Adviser analyze your home for accurate sizing and savings on a new system.

Don't hesitate to contact us today with questions about air conditioning repairs, installation, and maintenance.

What would happen if you never changed the oil in your car? Or, what if you never checked your car's tires for wear? Like your car, your home's cooling and heating system requires regular maintenance and service to operate safely and efficiently. Without it, serious problems can develop, causing you a great deal of damage to repair.

Why Preventative Maintenance? The first time a unit is operated, mold / fungus begin accumulating. Mold spores are microscopic and professional cleaning your air handler every year is the only positive method to control mold / fungus accumulation. JVR Air Conditioning Services utilizes four different environmentally safe chemicals and a 10 step process to thoroughly clean and sanitize your system. Over the years, we have learned that most air conditioning systems have energy wasting problems that can be corrected through regularly scheduled preventive maintenance. Well documented studies have shown that:

  • 1/100th of an inch of dirt on an evaporator coil can increase operating costs by 5%
  • A dirty blower wheel can reduce air flow by over 30% which causes the unit to run longer.
  • A 23% refrigerant undercharge can cause the unit to operate less efficiently by up to 52%
  • Improper refrigerant undercharge will cause premature compressor failure.
  • Small air leaks in your return air ducts within a 120 degree attic can double operating costs.

    Preventive Maintenance saves you money!

    UV Light Ultravation

    Ultravation uses the natural power of light to control airborne allergens and microorganisms - bacteria, viruses, and mold growth - on HVAC interior surfaces. Ask us about this service today!

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    What they're saying


    “We could not have been happier that we chose JVR A/C Services to fix our air conditioner! With summer coming quickly we needed our a/c to be fixed fast! Jorge was very polite and professional.”

    - Jessie, Naples








    “Professional and fast. Do not underestimate him or his team. They know exactly what they are doing!"

    - Bill, Marco Island







    "Our system broke and we didn't know where to start. Jorge was able to teach us about the different brands and what system would work best with our budget."

    - Michelle, Naples






    “We had an emergency and our house was heating up to 80 degrees by noon, so we decided to call JVR. They set us up with an appointment that very day! Now we can enjoy the cool air.”

    - Mike, Naples